Anika Spa | The Luxury Spa Group
Spa guests deserve perfect care, magical moments utter indulgence, and authentic luxury! Yes, authentic luxury We, every member, of our company, in all of our spas, and our spa owners; live and work with absolute resolve to reach our goal. Create exceptional experiences for our guests! This is our mandate! This is why we live Anika Spa.
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why anika spa?

Spa guests deserve perfect care.
Magical moments of utter indulgence,
and authentic luxury. Yes, authentic luxury.


We, every one of us, in all of our spas;
live and work with absolute resolve…..
to create exceptional experiences for our guests.


This is our mandate!
This is our life,


Anika Spa.

exceptional experiences

What is an exceptional experience?


Oftentimes, our therapists ask our guests,
“How was your treatment?”


A frequent response is merely a smile.
Sometimes a laugh. Always a gaze;
a gaze that cannot be described with words.


So, we must apologize.
We have not yet found a way
to answer this question.
Perhaps, the experience
is the only answer.

anika spas

All points, every detail, utter precision
to each essential element.


One objective, exceptional
experiences for our guests.


Originating from a thought,
a feeling, an inspired moment,
Designed and constructed
with a single minded focus.


Creating spaces that perpetuate
peacefulness and serenity.


Enter through a doorway,
and leave the world behind.
Therapists with a gentle passion
to nurture and bestow perfection.


Treasured ingredients formulated
into living products,
Returning one’s being to the delicate
harmony of beauty and bliss.

anika spa business

Anika Spa has introduced top
level business management to
the global spa industry.


Our dedicated and talented
business team have created
and implemented comprehensive
management systems and protocols
specifically designed for every aspect
of spa business.


Key performance indicators
are meticulously monitored.
Our role is to be an ongoing
operational management strategic partner.


We take personal responsibility for
the success of every Anika Spa.

management team

Siri Sant Khalsa - Managing Director

SiriSant Khalsa is the Founder and Managing Director of Frontline Solutions International, Ltd. Mr. Khalsa has over 35 years of investment and international business development experience in Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, and Africa with industry experience in IT (hardware and software), medical and dental, food and beverage, skin care/cosmetics, and service industries.

Jörg Demuth - VP Operations

Jörg Demuth is the VP of Operations of Anika Spa. Mr. Demuth spent the past 12 years creating the Anika line of spa products and Anika spa services and began collaborations with select 5 Star Superior hotel groups. He has a profound and unique understanding of plants and herbs, chemistry, and nutrition specifically related to natural ingredients and their use in skin care product formulation. Jörg is often invited to global spa summits and spa conferences as a keynote speaker.

Yuliya Krikunova - VP Finance

Yuliya Krikunova is the VP of Finance of Frontline Solutions International, Ltd. Mrs. Krikunova has 11 years of experience as both Chief Corporate Accountant and Chief Banking Accountant in Russia, Europe, the US and the Caribbean.

Petra Elm - VP Design

Petra Elm is the VP of Design of Anika Spa. Mrs. Elm has over 20 years of experience, as an architect in London and Germany, plus a lectureship at Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm. Her spa designs are a unique blend of artistic taste and functionality, for the therapist, and the guest.

Nicola Jordan - VP Training

Nikola Jordan is the VP of Training of Anika Spa. Mrs. Jordan has over 35 years of experience as a skin care practitioner, product and treatment expert, and advisor to leading global skin care companies. She has been integrally involved in the globalization of some of the world’s most respected skin care lines. Nikola’s knowledge, understanding, and experience with the skin and skin care is unsurpassed.

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